Do you know when your hair is damaged?

When your hair is damaged, it will normally present itself in various ways.

Some indications here:

  1. The hair ends look frayed and doesn’t look like the remaining of the hair strands
  2. Trying to detangle your hair takes a longer time
  3. Take a strand of your hair from the roots and slowly move your hand down the strand of hair. If you feel some bumps, it is likely damaged.
  4. Hair dryness

To check whether your hair is damaged, you can always consult a hair expert to let them have a look at it as they are more experienced in determining the issue. Book your appointment with us today!

Example of hair problems.

What causes your hair to get damaged?

There are many factors that cause damages to your hair. The following are examples that damages your hair:

  • Dying different Hair colours too often– Colour dying introduces new chemicals to your hair each time, sometimes even strong chemicals for quicker colour results. This can weaken the hair growth and cause it to be excessively dry (lack of moisture).
  • Excessive Heat – Frequent use of hair dryers can remove moisture from the hair. In addition, with the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it further increases the risk of getting your hair damaged.
  • Towel Drying – Rubbing your hair too much with a bath towel can damage your hair too. It introduces friction which results in heat producing. It will increase frizz and cause breakage of your hair.
  • Diet – Nutrition plays a part in maintaining healthy hair growth. Insufficient nutrients causes your hair to be weak which can lead to your hair being easily damaged.

Although it is not possible to avoid getting your hair damaged, there are ways to minimize the chances of further damaging your hair.

How to minimize damaged hair?

  • If you need to dye your hair, try to use shampoo products that help to moisturise the hair as the chemicals from the hair dye is already causing your hair to be dry. You can try our Ginseng Shampoo. Its natural ingredients help to nourish your hair. 
Ginseng Shampoo
  • If you need to dry your hair with the dryer, try to use it at a lower heat setting. To further protect your hair, it is important to apply a solution to your hair that protects your hair against heat.

You can also try using hair conditioning Cabelle BB Hair Mist Spray. This spray has ingredients that provide essential nutrients which hydrates hair, tame frizzy hair and most importantly protect your hair from heat damage! This can be applied after you shower, even on wet hair.

Cabelle BB Hair Mist
  • Instead of rubbing your hair dry with a bath towel, try to use a hair towel instead. It will be good to use a microfiber hair towel as not only they are soft, but they are more gentle on your hair strands. Wrap the hair towel around it to let it absorb the moisture. Alternatively, you can let your hair loose and let it air dry naturally. 
  • Last but not least, try to introduce fruits into your diet. Especially berries (Strawberry, Blueberry & Blackberry) as they contain nutrients that help promote healthy hair growth.
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