Inside each tiny pores of our scalp contains a sebaceous gland which produces natural oil called sebum. Sebum contains antioxidants and Vitamin E which protects the skin against radicals, hence, helps to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. However, too much of these will attract more dirt and bacterias which makes it itchy. If left untreated, the excess sebum will start to clog up and promote the growth of yeast which can be linked to dandruff resulting in hair loss.

Normal Scalp

Scalp with Excessive Sebum

What causes excessive sebum?

  1. Hot & Humid Weather  – Living in Singapore, it causes the gland to overproduce more sebum than what is required. Hence, accumulation of excess sebum.

2. Family Genes – If you have family members that have a history of oily scalps, there will  be a possibility that you may have it too.

3. Washing Hair Too Frequently – This will cause your scalp to be dry and hence the gland will try to produce more to help keep your scalp hydrated which can lead to overproduction of sebum.

How Scalp Treatment can help?

Scalp Treatment should be done regularly as well to remove excessive sebum which can’t be removed by daily shampooing. Not only does it remove excessive sebum, but, it also prevents other hair problems such as dandruff and hair loss. After each scalp treatment, you will feel that your scalp is clean and free of excessive sebum. Moreover, having a healthy scalp allows you to have a healthy hair growth which will let you have a better image and outlook for the long run.

Maintaining your scalp with care

Cleanse your scalp thoroughly and do not over do washing your hair, you might lose some natural oil that supposed to protect your hair from becoming dry. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in a shampoo product is good if use with minimal amount and precaution, just do not use it excessively so that your hair will not creating more dry scalp that will end up look like dandruff. If you feels like your hair need a rest from washing, take one day off. Let your hair relax and heal naturally. We recommend using natural sourced shampoo such as Tea Tree Oil Shampoo or Ginseng Shampoo. These ingredients are natural and will not damage your scalp. Both of them provide antifungal and antibacterial benefits which will nourish your scalp and reduce hair loss effectively.

Tea Tree Shampoo

Ginseng Shampoo

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