The Healthy Haircare Theory

Only The Best Herbs

Adopting only Premium TCM herbs for your herbal concoction, we can revitalize your hair roots to provide you with luscious healthy hair.

Your Luscious Natural Haircare is for life

Your Hair can exposed to many different dust particles in the air, resulting it to be c logged, causing oily or dandruff hair. Due to stress, it may lead to pre-mature greying at a young age. We will assess your hair condition to provide your best suited herbal care.

Premium Ingredients Used

Using our Premium herbs collection, we can revitalise your hair and make it shine. Our hair treatment designed to target the hair roots to hair end that will provide a ravishing look to your life!

Botanical Hair Therapy Process

Benefits of All Our Hair Treatments

Scalp soothing

Many individuals have sensitive hair due to unsuitable products, lifestyle or other external factors that causes dryness and leads to scalp irritation. This can result to poor hair structure and weakening of hair. Our botanical recipe will help to hydrate the scalp and soothe any irritation.

hair foliccle revitalization

Our hair follicle can be damaged due to several factors. From ageing, over-styling treatments, environmental or lifestyle can cause weakening of hair follicle that results in premature hair thinning. Our herbs contain numerous antioxidants and minerals which will help to revitalise the hair bulb and promote hair growth.

roots strengthening

Hair loss can be due to diverse factors but often the principal mechanism is due to weakening of the roots that leads to premature hair fall. Our herbal recipe comprises of essential nutrients for our hair roots that strengthen the hair, giving your hair an instantaneous shine after our treatment.

scalp cleansing

Excessive sebum production on scalp arise to oily scalp that can clog pores and cause hair odour. However additional shampooing may cause rebound oily scalp making the scalp even more oily than usual. Our treatments are diligently planned to care for our customers and treat their hair troubles to help them walk with confidence!

Volume up your hair with Kehouse extension

In KeHouse, we believe in providing the best care and fuss-free solution for our beloved customers.
We understand the troubles of our clients and provide them our best customised solution using DenseUp advanced technology.

Dense up treatment by KE House provide remarkable hair growth experience, well researched and trained knotting technique,
customise the volume increase on scalp with desired area and desired amount.

Our Dense up treatment are using a Nano quality fibre, It is so easy to use you can leave it be and does not need maintenance like wigs. You also can wash and perm to style your hair normally! This volume treatment is heat resistant up to 230°C. You also can customize the area for volumizing your hair. You can enjoy your new thicker hair with short treatment time. It also help you reduce hair problem for hair growth.

Beauty Queen Love Healthy Hair Care Clinique


Sandra Tok has never been troubled with her hair ever since she started her haircare treatments with us. She shared “Healthy Haircare always impress me with their haircare treatments”

Sandra Tok, Elite Mrs Singapore Southeast Asia 2017

Product Formulated for Your Healthy Hair

We have a line of specially self-formulated products that are design to keep your hair healthy. Our customers hot picks are ‘Ginseng Tonic’ and ‘Ginseng Shampoo’.

Expert Consultation

Listen to our hair expert! Allow us to examine your hair and we can help you get the treatment you needed!

Customize treatment

Why choose when you can find a good treatment for your unique hair! Let us find the right solution for your hair!

Monthly treatment

Bring more shine your hair! Maintain a healthy hair when you sign up our monthly treatment!

Beautiful Hair Begins With You

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